Adorable Sea Creature Teabags Bring Underwater Joy to Teatime

Daisho Suisan is not your ordinary Japanese seafood company. In addition to their dealings in frozen seafood, they also do web design and illustration. So when, in 2014, the company decided to add tea bags to their line of businesses it probably wasn’t too extraordinary. The problem, however, is that they couldn’t find anyone who would make they type of intricate teabags they were looking for. So they decided to do it themselves.

After numerous trial-and-errors, fund raising campaigns and patents, Ocean Teabag now carries a healthy collection of adorable sea and water creature teabags that are specific to each creature. The squid teabag comes with two strings, paying homage to the fact that squid often swim in groups. Inside is a dark Pu’er tea that mimics the dark ink that squid emit. The turtle teabag comes with a Monstera plant string and tag, symbolizing the warm, Southern climates where these beautiful creatures live.

You can see company’s entire collection and shop from them via their website.

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  1. Eeky and awesome. As a natural born tea drinker, this should make a great conversation starter.

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