Filmmaker Hikaru Toda is working on an intriguing documentary about Fumi & Kazu, who run the first openly gay law firm in Japan. Passionate about justice, the lawyers “know all too well the realities of being different in a homogenous society.” And while the documentary revolves around the duo, like any legal matter the story is in their clients.


There are more than 10000 people living in Japan without koseki family registeration

Of Love & Law approaches Japan’s equality issues through two main storylines. The first is “Child vs State,” the story of a woman who born out of wedlock and never received a koseki family registration because the mother feared retaliation from her husband. And without a koseki, individuals are rendered invisible by the state.


Rokudenashiko with her defense team

The 2nd story is that of “vagina artist” Rokudenashiko, who has been fighting for the right to freedom of expression, and challenging some of Japan’s double standards when it comes to gender equality.

Sounds interesting, right? Well to make it happen Toda is trying to raise funds on Kickstarter. If you’d like to see this film be made, go read more about her project.