Not only for kids anymore. Check out the sleek contours of this new line of leather bags. | click to enlarge

Randoseru are Japanese leather backpacks typically reserved for school children. Parents buying black or red randoseru for their newly minted 1st graders is practically an annual tradition in Japan. But in recent years the backpacks, for their stylishness and longevity (the bags are typically used throughout elementary school) have become coveted items for grown ups as well.

Tsuchiya Kaban, a leather workshop located in Nagano Prefecture, has dedicated the Otona Randsel line towards elevating the idea of the school bag to new heights, using only the finest quality materials.


These sleek backpacks come in two colours: a charcoal black and a rich brown.

These leather knapsacks are created using the Italian Baketta method, producing exceptionally functional and stylish bags. They reference an entire tradition of European backpack wear, but Otona Randsel adds a neat Japanese twist with linear contours and neat pockets. Glowing with natural luster, these lightweight bags are high-performance: not only do they function in day-to-day use but will impress coworkers and bosses alike in a professional setting.


Over time, the leather will begin to feel like the hand of a familiar friend, although an inanimate one that you can sport on your back. Adjustable leather shoulder straps and a padded back ensure premium comfort level for the wearer.


This sleek backpack is suitable for professional use in lieu of a boring old work bag.


No two of these leather bags are ever the same, for the soft leather accrues unique markings over time. These bags are a prime example of excellent craftsmanship; their functionality shines through from the meticulous hand-rolled corners to the clever side flaps designed to keep out the rain.

Moreover, they are lightweight, require no oil treatment (although waterproofing is recommended) and can easily hold a 13″ laptop, a few books, and any important documents you might need to tuck away.

They don’t come cheap though. The brown and black both sell for 100,000 yen (about $800). And despite the lofty price tag they’re both sold out for the rest of 2015. But the company plans to begin accepting new orders to check back on their website in January!




Two small flaps at the sides of the bag fold in to protect its contents from the rain. There is a curved front pocket that opens at the side. The bag clasps closed at the front.



Leather wears in many different ways, and accrues different markings over time. Here are a handful of unique ways your leather bag will customise itself as you wear it.