Tsuchiya Kaban Creates Leather Bag Specifically for Carrying Watermelon

Finally, a luxury handbag that caters to our interests! Japanese leather bagmaker Tsuchiya Kaban has created a hand-crafted work of art (or bag, if you prefer) whose sole purpose to to carry 1 watermelon.

The Watermelon Bag was made by craftsman Yusuke Kadoi, and is the result of a special initiative by Tsuchiya Kaban (previously) called “the fun of carrying,” in which individual artisans are given complete creative rein to work on their very own side project. Kadoi, who is apparently a big fan of summer’s iconic fruit, decided to craft a bag specifically designed to carry the round and heavy watermelon.


  1. Silly and frivolous. Bags to carry around watermelons could be made out of many materials and don’t have to be made out of dead animals.

    • Wow, Katrina must be a big hit at parties

    • Well better a dead animal than being made of a live animal, that’s just cruel.

    • I agree with Katrina. Not that it’s silly and frivolous (I like that!), but that I would prefer it to be non-leather, especially for a non-essential item.

    • ‍♀️ why not keep your mouth shut if you weren’t going to comment on what amazing craftsmanship, time and effort goes into making such a beautiful bag? We get all the peta idiots yakking about dead animals, we don’t care…we want the bag! And I don’t agree with Robert, you’re probably NOT invited to parties because you’re such a killjoy!

  2. This bag is beautiful. In Canada watermelons are usually not spherical, but elongated, which would not fit this bag. However it would be PERFECT for my bowling ball!!

  3. susan o'connell

    August 4, 2020 at 5:26 pm

    One of my favorite Japanese fruit carriers is a bright yellow plastic banana to protect your real banana. A giggle…

  4. I love this. I would use this as a harvest bag, a lovely produce shopping bag at the market, as well as the intended watermelon.

  5. I don’t like water melon, but i’m ready to change all that if that means I can get this bag. Looks like lovely craftmanship.

  6. I was at my favorite depachika the other day, and I realized that this bag can also be used to carry a whole boiled octopus! I like finding non-traditional uses for traditional items.

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