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You know, if it’s not one thing then it’s the other. The Whitney Biennial receives more than its fair share of criticism but this time I am siding with the critics. Here are 2 quotes directly from the exhibition’s wall texts and catalog:

“. . . invents puzzles out of nonsequiturs to seek congruence in seemingly incongruous situations, whether visual or spatial . . . inhabits those interstitial spaces between understanding and confusion.”

“Bove’s ‘settings’ draw on the style, and substance, of certain time-specific materials to resuscitate their referential possibilities, to pull them out of historical stasis and return them to active symbolic duty, where new adjacencies might reactivate latent meanings.”


This is exactly why people feel that art is pompous and pretentious. Museums are alienating – the complete opposite of what they should be engaged in – instead of educating the public.

via The Lost Art of Writing About Art