If you’re doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in Tokyo, try and swing by some of these locations where you’ll find the best seasonal yet unorthodox designer Christmas trees. Happy Holidays!


A Tree That Glitters in the Breeze (Tokyo Midtown)

At Tokyo Midtown you’ll find a conical Christmas tree designed by Nendo. The 7.5m high tree features hundreds of cut-out pieces controlled by compact fans that create airflow to sway the pieces back and forth, creating a glitter effect.

A Reflective Christmas Tree (Roppongi Hills)

In the WEST WALK section of Roppongi Hills you’ll find a Christmas tree inspired by the beautiful sparkle of winter. Created by visual design studio WOW, the tree rotates as it uses reflections and light diffusion to illuminate the space.

A Christmas Tree of Stools (Spiral)

At Spiral in Omotesando, Torafu Architects has collaborated with furniture brand Karimoku to create a towering Christmas tree from their AA stools.

Sogetsu-Style Ikebana Christmas Tree (The Capitol Hotel Tokyu)

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu has a tradition of adorning their main lobby with Sogetsu Ryu Ikebana, a contemporary art form of flower arranging. For December, they’ve styled a flower arrangement to look like a Christmas tree.