Pachelbel’s Canon in 700 samples of dripping water

Make sure you go to the bathroom before watching this new ad for Sony’s image sensors. A creative team of cinematographers, sound engineers and recordists ventured into the riverhead area in Kumamoto, Kyushu, a lush, tranquil location renowned for its high quality of pure natural water. There they recorded both audio and video of over 700 samples of dripping water – everything from droplets falling off of stalactites onto limestone and rainwater dripping off leaves to the underwater sounds of a gurgling brook. They even captured the sound that water makes when a frog hops.

Back in the studio the engineers remixed the 700 samples of audio and 1500 cuts of video to create a “rock version” of Pachelbel’s Canon. “Water Rock” is the work of Morihiro Harano and ad agency Mori Inc., who also brought us the extraordinary Forest Xylophone commercial. “We simply drew upon the natural beauty and scenery that can always be experienced in Kumamoto,” the creators explained. “We wanted viewers to sense the whole cycle of nature.”

water rock (3)

water rock (1)

water rock (2)

Source: @I_am_Mori

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  1. Very nice. Can I request Handel’s “Water Music.”

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