While I’m putting the finishing touches on my 2008 Christmas Gift Guide, just thought I’d post these images from the show, “Peace in White / Nothing but Everything.” Unfortunately it ended yesterday (sorry) but I thought it would be worthwhile because I really like how the artist, Asako Ishizuka, portrays the beauty of life’s visibilities and invisibilities in this piece titled Tsutsumu Katachi – Wrapping.

Peace in White / Nothing but Everythig was a group show of 12 artists using textiles and working with themes of peace, life and coexistence. The show ran for 2 weeks at the KCC Gallery (GMAP) in Tokyo and closed yesterday.

Stay tuned for my gift guide coming this week. If you’re interested you can also check out my gift guide from last year. I did an international children’s gift guide that consisted of gifts from Germany, Japan, Italy & everywhere else!

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