Have you heard of the Panopticons Project? Until the other day I hadn’t either! Well, a Panopticon means “a structure which creates a panoramic view.” It was an ambitious 4-year program of creative environmental art that consists of 4 artworks constructed at different scenic spots around East Lancashire Regional Park, UK. The project was sponsored by Mid Pennine Arts  and actually received a top award at art07, which took place last month! I think my favorite would have to be the “Singing Ringing Tree.”

 halo.jpg halo_night.jpg
(Photo courtesy of,
Located in Rossendale, Halo is a steel sculpture propped up 5 meters above ground. At night the sculpture is illuminated, creating the perception of a halo hovering above the mountain. This was actually the last of the 4 works to be completed. It was unveiled in Sept. of ’07.

Singing Ringing Tree
(Photo courtesy of BBC)
Located in Burnley, the “Singing Ringing Tree” is made out of pipes that make music when the wind blows. Wow…what an awe-inspiring experience it must be to visit this site. Check out the YouTube footage HERE!

(Photo courtesy of panorama freedom)
Located in Pendle Atom, is  a unique, egg-shaped structure which can be a focal point from far away, but also functions as a shelter from which one can gaze at the landscape around them.

colourfields.jpg  colorfields.jpg
(Photos courtesy of BBC)
Located in Blackburne, “Colourfields” uses the base of the former battery, which housed two Russian cannons captured during the Crimean War. But the new site has been reworked and remixed to add new dimensions of space, height and color.


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