all photos by Hirota Kiriyama courtesy Sankei News

In a previous series on Mt. Fuji we talked about the many niche subcategories of photographing Mt. There’s Mt. Fuji with clouds, Mt. Fuji from afar, Mt. Fuji from the city and Mt. Fuji framed by various objects and sculptures. There’s even a dedicated group of photographers who get their kicks by shooting Mt. Fuji from different train stations. Now there’s one more subcategory: photographs that capture factories against a Mt. Fuji backdrop.

Shizuoka prefecture is actually one of Japan’s heaviest manufacturing regions with an approximate 16 trillion yen worth of trains, chemicals and electronic parts being produced each year. Metallic, inorganic factories dot the landscape that surrounds one of Japan’s most photogenic mountains. And it’s around dusk, as the sun sets and the factory lights come on, when photographers seize their golden opportunity.

Oddly enough, the man-made structures seen against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji has struck a nerve with many photographers in recent years. Tourism companies have even responded to the demand be offering evening factory tours. It seems that, for many, the factories offer a new and unique way of appreciating Mt. Fuji.