Pocari Sweat, one of Japan’s most-popular sports beverages, has just released a new ad that features a girl running through undulating hallways, confetti and flower petals to reach her friend. The vertigo-inducing sixty-second ad was created almost entirely in a single-take and relying largely on hand-made sets and props.

The ad, which is titled demo kimi ga mieta (but then I saw you) features actress Sena Nakajima playing a schoolgirl who is walking through a school hallway. Suddenly, she turns around, sees something and begins running in the opposite direction of everybody else, which kicks off her surreal adventure as if she’s fallen through a rabbit hole and into a wonderland. Except this wonderland is not created from CGI, as one has grown to expect these days. Ad agency Dentsu hand-crafted the entire set, which is complete with confetti machines and motorized floors and walls that undulate.

Although some CGi may have been used, it’s refreshing to see something so visually stimulating that’s made from hand, rather than pixels. Watch the full video below. And after that, watch the behind-the-scenes video which is equally impressive.