Post-Apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine Hack


It’s a little-known sequel to Thomas the Tank Engine. In an apocalyptic war Sir Topham Hatt, the manager of the North Western Railway, loses everything he has. In a state of misery-induced madness he goes to work on Thomas, an AI-equipped tank engine. When Thomas emerges from the mad scientist’s lab he’s no longer that cheerful and lovable tank engine we all know. He’s become a ruthless killing machine that looks like it’s right out of a page from Mad Max.


Or at least that’s the story that the creator of the post-apocalyptic Thomas wants us to believe. Going by the name Y Nakajima, the Japanese sculptor and model-maker hacked the multi-legged Combat Creature to give birth to his nightmarish toy. The remote-controlled creature is mobile but it’s body can also rotate and shoot a 300 mW lasers that’s capable of popping balloons or igniting matches. I know what I want for Christmas!


Nakajima hails from the prestigious sculpture studio of Takayuki Takeya. He’s now a freelance artist dedicating his time to creating models of soldiers, vehicles and monsters. For some reason, the beloved Thomas the Tank Engine is a constant source of nightmarish inspiration for artists. Last year we discovered illustrator Yui Abe’s grotesque rendering of Thomas the Human Tank Engine.



Nakajima used water-based acrylic paint to achieve the war-torn look






  1. I noticed that the stickers he used to decorate this Thomas (Citizen, Shoei, Canon, etc.) are from Kaneda’s bike in the seminal anime “Akira”.

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