a tribute to Japanese comics, immortal works like Dr. Slump, Kinnikuman and Hokuto no ken can be spotted on store signs

Among the vast collection of work by Osaka-based illustrator and manga artist Yukihiro Tada are a series of ballpoint pen drawings of Japan. Tada often elects to include himself in the dense drawing, or sometimes his furry friend mosh, who appears in his comics.

His drawings of Japanese shopping streets, train stations and neighborhoods are alluring. One of our favorite pieces is a recent work (above) of a Japanese shopping street (shotengai), densely populated with signs, wires and boxes. But look closely and you’ll see that it’s actually a tribute to the many manga classics of the 80s and 90s. Each store sign has a different manga title like Dr. Slump, Kinnikuman and Hokuto no ken.

Read on to see more of Tada’s work:

Ichijoji in Kyoto, Japan

You may recognize Tada’s work because he was recently asked to illustrate the Japanese music video for the smash hit “7 Years” by Lukas Graham.

But personally, we’re just happy gazing at these meticulous drawings of Japan. You can see more of Tada’s work on Behance.

Tsuruhashi in Osaka, Japan

Shinsekai in Osaka, Japan