Real and Virtual Worlds Combine in Perfume’s Mind-Bending Performance at SXSW

Before you watch this 5-min performance by Perfume that was filmed last week at SXSW in Austin, keep in mind there was no post-production. In other words, all the special effects you see – what appears to be numerous transitions between a science-fictional virtual reality and a live venue – were done and filmed on the spot. It was even live-broadcasted on YouTube.


I don’t claim to fully understand how it was done myself. You can read more about the technical aspects here. From what I can gather, the Japanese pop trio moved around three semi-translucent screens while projections were mapped onto them in a seamless integration of 3D scanning, motion tracking and video morphing technologies. Put differently, 5 minutes of mind-bending awesomeness.


The 3D models used to create the effects in the live stream.


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  1. boggles the mind

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