sou fujimoto house k (7)photos by Iwan Baan | click to enlarge

It appears to rise up from the land like a smooth mountain or, better yet, the pointed hull of a boat sticking its head out of the water. It’s a disorienting view, but one you quickly accept after learning that the architect is Sou Fujimoto, whose career has spanned numerous archetype-breaking houses with an emphasis on bringing the outdoors, in. This is House K, Fujimoto’s latest residence located in the city of Nishinomiya (Hyogo prefecture).

But the sleek, sloped roof is not just for show. It rises at an angle that allows for various interior volumes, but is also a gentle-enough incline to allow for benches and planters, effectively transforming it from roof to terrace. See more pictures over on designboom.

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sou fujimoto house k (plan)