Ryo Shimura’s Endangered Species Plastic Animals

“29000→600” | images courtesy the artist

Ryo Shimura, a young artist and sculpter working primarily with plastic, uses his art to tackle major environmental issues like endangered species. His latest work “29000→600” illustrates the dramatic drop in wild hippos due primarily to poaching destruction of habitat. The effect of seeing a plentiful number of numerous figurines, but then learning that’s how many are left, is quite impactful. His work was recognized last year when it won an award at the 2011 Eco & Art awards hosted by Konica Minolta.

Here’s a look at some of his other work, which includes meerkat crayons (in a full spectrum of 36 colors!) as well as sad-faced pandas and walruses.

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  1. I would assume Ryo Shimura uses a biodegradable plastic or the like, as it seems a little ironic to use the medium to tackle environmental issues…

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