Sagashitemiyo! | Benesse’s new iPhone app for little explorers

I love the idea behind this new iPhone app for kids called Sagashitemiyo! (さがしてみよ!), or Let’s Search! The simple interface starts off by prompting little explorers to search for objects based on certain criteria like something “round,” “white” or “sparkly.”

The kids then set off on an expedition, capturing objects with the phone’s camera.

The app then allows you to catalog your discoveries into a virtual field guide of things around you. You can even share your discoveries with friends who are also using the app.

The app is available in both English and Japanese. $1.99 in the app store.

What a great way of empowering kids with technology, helping them to make sense of all the objects around them. Hat-tip to the folks at MKFTR who developed the app for Benesse, a correspondence education and publishing company and also patron of the arts.

source: @cpalmieri


  1. Do you know of any regional restrictions on this app? The Norwegian app store can’t seem to find it anywhere. 🙁

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