An Immersive, Multi-sensory Dining Experience at a Ginza Steak Restaurant

“You eat with your eyes first” is a well-known adage, but whoever coined it first probably wasn’t imagining anything like this. The Ginza steak restaurant Sagaya has collaborated with TeamLab to transform one of their dining rooms into an immersive, multisensory dining experience that utilizes projection mapping, digital sensors and sound to enhance the meal.

A stream gently flows along your table as fish swim back and forth. When a dish is placed on the table a plant might grow from its base and bird might come perch on the branch. If you’re still enough, that bird might alight on your hand. It’s an experience made possible by numerous sensors and projectors that detect movement and react in different ways. “The worlds unleashed from the dishes on the table influence each other, react to the actions of visitors, and combine to create one single continuous world,” says TeamLab, who have become known for their immersive art installations using digital animation and projection mapping. “The world is constantly changing from moment to moment and no two moments are alike.”

The Sagaya restaurant, located in Ginza, specializes in beef specifically from Kyushu’s Saga prefecture. Their cuts are complimented by porcelain tableware also from the Kyushu region like Arita-yaki and Karatsu-yaki. Beginning in late April 2017 they will begin taking reservations for the immersive dining experience orchestrated by TeamLab. But the room seats only 8 so expect competition.





  1. very cool. Was there any mention of price? I see that on the high end this restaurant is normally $100/pp. Here’s to hoping they update their English reservation page!

  2. Paul Pairet’s Ultraviolet in Shanghai has been doing this for years. Nothing new here.

  3. It’s not as if Paul Pairet has a patent on this technology and presentation style, right? Your criticism is superficial and irrelevant.

    It looks like an interesting experience.

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