With No Entrance or Exit, a Train Station Designed Solely as a Lookout Spot

the new Seiryū-Miharashi Station, which opened on March 19, 2019 | images courtesy Nishikagawa Railway

The Nishikigawa Railway in Iwakuni (Yamaguchi Prefecture) is a local train that runs along the Nishiki River for roughly 33 km, or about 20 miles. Last week, on March 19, the operator opened its newest train station along the line. But the new Seiryū-Miharashi Station is seemingly missing a few key elements of a train station. It has no ticket booth, no entrance and no exit. In fact, it is impossible to even get to, unless you get off there from the train.

This 14th train station is the railway’s first new station in 25 years. The operator told WithNews that it was built on the side of a cliff and designed specifically as a lookout spot so that visitors can enjoy the scenic views of the Nishiki River.

For now, the train operator plans to use the station only for special events and normal trains will not stop here. But when they do, visitors will be able to step off the train, which will wait 10 – 15 min. But once you’re done getting that perfect shot, make sure you get back onto that train!

To ride the Nishikagawa Railway, first head to Iwakuni Station, which is roughly 2 hours from Osaka and 1 hour from Hiroshima.

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  1. Well how about a picture of the perfect spot so we can see what’s so special?
    Doesn’t look particularly scenic.

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