Setagaya Flat by Naruse Inokuma Architects

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The working title of this post was, ‘what happens when an architect designs his own home?’ Naruse Inokuma Architects (the geniuses behind ie-tag) have collaborated with Hiroko Karibe Architects on the renovation of their own personal residence in Tokyo. Faced with a box frame structure without the ability to alter any of the walls, the architects, instead, relied on novel finishing techniques to revive their old space into one that is fresh and dynamic.

Specifically, the architects used spackling past, commonly reserved for touch-ups like filling cracks and small holes, as an accent on the mortar walls and then finished it with polyurethane finish. I love the results, which somehow manages to create a sweet spot between new and old.

I also really love the styling of this house – everything from the ceramics to those great chairs by the table. And I think it’s safe to say (at least in Japan’s architecture industry): exposed plywood is the new paint!

source: kenchiku blog | Naruse Inokuma Architects


  1. I think. I might. Just. Move. Straight. In.

  2. Gorgeous! It is so seemingly simple, yet it has such sophistication.

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