shikisai for pooch!

zukku t-shirt

We’ve featured the 3D shikisai t-shirts before, by the husband and wife designer-duo Noto Fusai, but I wanted to update you with some new designs they’ve come up with and matching t-shirts for your dog (or large cat).

T-shirt - zukku
t-shirt | click images to enlarge

dog t-shirt

kaska shirt
t-shirt | click images to enlarge









dog t-shirt




The (human) t-shirts are available from their store (Japan only) and through novelax (internationally). And the dog shirts are available in the US, at$30 from Everyday Studio based in San Francisco.

source: shikisai | noto-fusai | Dog Milk

Bonus: my favorite design –




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  1. these are *adorable*!!!!

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