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Ever have that urge to spell something out, not just in balloons but, in animal balloons? Now you can thanks to the Animal Font iphone app. It comes with a message function, which lets you write out a message and send it to friends via email, as well as an interactive “shaker” function that lets you create ambient sounds based on different letters and words.

U is for unicorn! | click to enlarge

But embedded within its childish playfulness is a slightly more serious theme. By using an inherently delicate medium such as balloons, says Takashi Kawada – who created the app last year – I wanted to remind people that there are ecosystems that are undergoing severe changes and, in some cases, facing extinction, due to climate change.

The balloon art was created by Rie Hosokai while the sounds were done by Tokyo-based composer Leo Sato. Through September they are donating 100% of sales from the app to disaster relief. Get the app here ($1.99) or here (¥230).

pray for Japan

source: Hitspaper


  1. Awesome! This is too cool and sooooo creative! Love it!

  2. Thanks, this made my day happy! Kind regards, Lila&Cloe

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