I don’t think that many people would argue the claim that Shiro Kuramata was one of Japan’s most important industrial designers. And the price which his works sell for at auctions would suggest that he is amongst the world’s top designers. His adaptation of industrial materials into the realm of furniture design has had an outstanding impact. Recently, a gallery has opened up in Tokyo that is specifically devoted to the life and work of Kuramata.

Gallery Yume No Katachi‘s (GMAP) first exhibition, which opened last month and runs through 8/7/2008, highlights the photographs of Takayuki Ogawa, who was the primary photographer of Shiro’s works for many, many years.

Here is a look at some of the work that has defined his career:

Ettore Sottsass-Shiro Kuramata (2)

Ettore Sottsass-Shiro Kuramata
“Miss Blanche” (1988)

Kuramata, a lover of jazz music, often names his pieces after famous jazz compositions.

Ettore Sottsass-Shiro Kuramata (7)

How High The Moon - shirokuramata
“How High The Moon” (1986)


“Glass Chair” (1976)