Hundreds of Bollards Line Side Street, Creating Surreal Scene in Shonan

all photos by Kazuya Kamogawa / Sankei Photo

On a side-street in Shonan near Enoshima, which runs along Japan’s Route 134, there is a peculiar scene that looks like something out of a Hayao Miyazaki film. Hundreds of bollards occupy the street like black ghosts poking their head out of the ground.

As it turns out, the street is situated right by Shonan Kaigan Park and is just steps from the sea (here is the location on google maps). As a popular destination, the street was once plagued with illegally parked cars. So city planners went a little nuts and planted over 350 bollards along the street.

“Their shape and numbers initially surprised me,” said one local resident, “but now it’s just become part of the landscape.” At night, the reflective “eyes” on each bollard light up as cars pass by, further heightening the intensity of the scene.


  1. Is there a night photo?

  2. They should put those in Europe to prevent idiots with trucks from plowing into people.

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