unless otherwise noted, all photos by KOP courtesy Key Operation Architects

Social Good Roasters is a new coffee shop in Tokyo that just opened last month, and they’re on a mission to help society one cup of coffee at a time. Located in a 2nd floor space in Tokyo with plenty of windows and sunlight, Social Good Roasters employs individuals with conditions like Down Syndrome and autism and functions as a coffee bean roaster and cafe.

photo courtesy Social Good Roasters

Social Good Roasters is located in the Kanda neighborhood of Tokyo, accessible from Awajicho or Shin-Ochanomizu Stations. Using state-of-the-art equipment like a Giesen coffee roaster and a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine, the shop teaches their staff everything there is to know about coffee, from hand-removing damaged beans to roasting them and making a cup of coffee.

Stores like this are becoming more common in the West but they’re still quite rare in Japan so it’s wonderful to see individuals with special needs being fully integrated into all aspects of the operation.

The bright space is well-suited for both the workers and the customers. It was designed by Akira Koyama of Key Operation Architects who was tasked with transforming the relatively small space and defining areas for different tasks. Various styles of concrete and wood are used throughout the cafe to create variation. Koyama hopes that the shop will allow the staff to engage and connect with society.

Social Good Roasters (Gmap) is open on weekdays from 10AM to 4PM.