My friend Juri Onuki and I are hosting an event this weekend in hopes to make some great art, have fun and hopefully raise some money for victims of hurricane Sandy.

New York and other parts of the world are currently witnessing a revival in Japanese post-war contemporary art. Kusama had her retrospective at the Whitney, a Gutai show will open at the Guggenheim and MoMA will showcase art from Tokyo 1955-1970. We thought, why let the big museums have all the fun? In the spirit of Jikken Kobo, an interdisciplinary group of 14 artists founded in 1951, we will be staging our own experimental workshop: Spatial Design. We believe that a collaboration of different mediums will multiply the possibilities not only in its medium but also in a form of “art”. We’ve gathered a group of very talented artists from different disciplines for this show: works by Abatvoix, GREYZONE, Laura Vitale and Juri Onuki.

Unfortunately I had to travel to Japan unexpectedly and won’t be able to make it, but everyone has put a lot of time and effort into the show and it’s going to be a lot of fun! Hope you can make it!

When: November 17th @ 8:30pm
Where: BAX (Brooklyn Art Exchange) Gmap
Entrance with Donation (suggested $10)
Donations will cover the cost of renting the venue, equipments and artists’ costs. 20% of all contributions will go to hurricane Sandy relief efforts via the Red Hook Initiative. We’re also accepting donations online.