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photos by Joshua Lieberman | click to enlarge

what the old butcher shop used to look like

Nestled amongst the shopping streets of old town Kamakura, just steps from the station, is a butcher shop unlike any other. Renovated by Design Eight, the shop of over 60 years received a face-lift earlier this year to much acclaim.

I want a modern look that fits with the landscape of Kamakura, the owner told the designers. But I also want it to  prioritize my longstanding client base, rather than grow the business. The solution – one based on an earlier project from several years ago – was to relocate the display case to a more accessible location: upright, next to the counter.

Conventional Japanese butcher shops showcase their meats underneath the counter, which limits viewing to one customer at a time.

A wooden interior, a leather counter and special lighting to showcase the meats, finish of this gorgeous shop, which does an amazing job at highlighting their product and what they do.

The shop was a recent recipient of the 2012 JCD Design Awards.

A great logo designed by SPREAD.


  1. It kind of reminds me of Japan Premium Beef in New York. I think it’s because of the super sleek lines in the design?

  2. the building looks really ugly now…

  3. Im really curious about the back story here.

    The shop, most likely run by the old man in the featured picture, wanted to take his local butcher shop and fit in with the trendy times?

    Or his kid forced him to do this or they wouldnt take over the family business?

    Or the town has a new Aeon (big box shop) being put up in the area and he is trying to draw back in the local young customer?

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