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Fireworks along the Tama River | Aug 17, 2013

If you follow me on twitter you know that I’m back in Japan right now with my family on vacation. You also know that it’s really, really hot. Both facts help explain why posts have been even more sporadic than usual, which I apologize for. Expect this to continue through the end of Aug when we’ll be back and regular posting should resume.

But instead of goofing off the whole time I’ll try and post a few quick items – mainly shows or exhibitions I went to go see that I think are worth highlighting. If you’re bored you can check out two recent features we did, one on Mt. Fuji and one on Japanese Trains.

I hope everyone is having a happy summer!

– Johnny

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  1. The recent articles on Fuji-san and Japanese trains are fantastic! Thank you for these detailed and intimate stories.

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