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Ceramic artist Mayumi Yamashita makes hand-built and wheel-thrown sculptures and then adds miniature figurines to create whimsical, humorous works of art. The tiny figures are a representation of humanity, Yamashita tells us, which arouses both her curiosity and inspiration. “People make us happy but also angry and disappointed. People are curious but also foolish. We never seem to learn, despite knowing deep down that we’ve taken others for granted and knowing that we shouldn’t have.”

While rather straightforward in concept, the interaction between figurines and the seemingly functional ceramics help create curious objects that solicit 2nd and even 3rd views, drawing us closer into her world.


Yamashita got her start in textiles and fashion. But after moving to the UK for studies she discovered the world of clay and slowly became hooked. She has since moved back to Japan and is currently based in Kagawa.



source: submission