The 3rd company, and the most recently established (and the most likely to succeed given their economy of scale) in the “we’ll help you plant stuff” industry, is Midorie, a subsidiary of the major beverage company Suntory.  Launched in 2008, Midorie offers rooftop and wall surface greening that utilizes Puffcal, “an originally developed sponge-like soil substitute” that is lighter and more versatile than soil. This is actually quite significant given that weight considerations and the structural capacity of the roof are at the heart of planning a rooftop garden.

Tokyo Green Space wrote them up recently but what I wanted to highlight was their online shop that just launched a few weeks ago. The store is perfect for people wanting to greenify their home without the hassle of consultations and structural engineers.

top | Midorie Cassettes
bottom | Midorie Frames

The Frame (5,040 yen) and Cassette (3,990 yen) both use Puffcal, and are infinitely customizable depending on the quantity and the different styles that you order.  Puffcal removes the weight and messiness factor from wall mounted vegetation, helping you to create your own green sanctuary within the confines of your home.

Midorie also recently launched a design contest, in which participants were asked to come up interior or product designs utilizing the Midorie products. Judges include the notable architect Kengo Kuma (who coincidentally seems to be making numerous appearances on this site recently)and the results should be interesting. I’ll be on the lookout for them sometime towards December.