all photos by Masayuki Hayashi

Japanese contemporary design studio we+ has created an ambitious floor lamp that is both visually arresting but also in-tune with nature. By generating a rapid vortex and pouring molten wax inside to create a mold, the design duo created a structural aluminium lighting fixture that visualizes the flow of water.

Founded in 2013 by Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando, we+ (pronounced we plus) operates on the belief that in today’s human-centric society, diversity has been sacrificed in pursuit of efficiency through industrial and technological advancements.

In response, the studio has adopted unique production methods and means of expression to explore “the amalgamation of nature and the artificial, recontextualizing and giving form to the uncertainty of natural phenomena.” The Swirl lighting fixture epitomizes this ethos in its attempt not to control water but rather “take advantage of the uncertainty of its internal flow in order to capture its beauty and profundity.”

You can see more of the studio’s work on their website.