architectural photos by Eric Petschek

Japanese architect Tadao Ando, known for his minimal use of bare concrete, has completed 152 Elizabeth Street, his first project in New York City. In a city where acclaimed architects from around the world compete with ambitious, loud and grandiose proposals, Ando held his own, creating a 7-story condo primarily of concrete and glass.

Located in Manhattan’s Nolita district — not far from fellow Pritzker winner SANAA’s New Museum — is 152 Elizabeth Street, a 7-story, 7-residence condo that has been completed after 2 years of construction. And with its completion, Ando joins Shigeru Ban as being one of the few Japanese architects to have a residential project in NYC.

Along with working primarily with his signature, simple materials of concrete, glass and metal, the idea of shakkei (借景; borrowed scenery) was also important. When building something in New York City, it’s impossible to not consider the surroundings. And Ando made sure that each expansive window framed the city surrounding it.

“In traditional Japanese architecture, shakkei [incorporating the background landscape in a design] is often used as a way of framing nature and creating a permeable boundary between interior and exterior,” says Ando. “New York seemed to be the perfect location for an urban shakkei.”

As of the writing of this article, 5 of the 7 apartments have already sold for an average of $10 million usd. There are 2 still available for purchase going for $6 million and $15 million.

a quiet and minimal entrance contrasts to the bustling Nolita neighborhood it calls home
At the entrance, a fog installation adds an ephemeral mist
a water wall flanks one side of the lobby while slots allows natural light to peek through
the interiors were designed by Michael Gabellini of Gabellini Sheppard Associates