Takashi Murakami rips apart Cool Japan and everyone involved

Late Friday evening in Japan artist Takashi Murakami took to the airwaves of twitter to vent about “Cool Japan” – the government’s campaign to promote modern Japanese culture abroad. And he proceeded to rip apart everyone involved as well, from artists and designers to ad agencies. Below are a selection of tweets, accompanied by Spoon & Tamago translations.

Dear ad agencies and bureaucrats! Attention please. Stop inviting me to “Cool Japan” events, interviews or sending any kind of offers whatsoever. I have absolutely no connection to “Cool Japan.” Thank you.

I can’t understand why artists get involved with the gimmicks of ad agencies who are simply trying to turn a profit with “Cool Japan” (of course they’re free to do what they like…)

I wish they would stop with this nonsense – the ad agencies are just milking the “Cool Japan” budget. It really pisses me off to think that a few individuals are in bed with each other, licking up the money that came out of our country’s deficit. And the ad agencies who strut about pretending to be creative disgusts me.

I tweet about this once in a while, but I hate ad agencies. Please don’t get involved with them.

Source: @takashipon

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  1. I think his comment in last tweet means, Please leave me alone! or Stay away from me, not the statement encouraging others not to get involved with ad agencies…

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