Takigawa: a Minimal Sushi Shop in Fukuoka

all photos by Hiroshi Mizusaki courtesy Case-Real Architects

As dusk settles in, the lights flicker on at Takigawa, a new sushi shop that opened over the summer in Fukuoka. A single lamp with the shop’s Japanese name – 多㐂川 – written in calligraphy glows and a noren with a curious illustration of a fish hangs above the entrance, welcoming visitors.

the exterior was designed to quietly blend into the surroundings at night. The interior however, is a stark contrast

Built on the site of a former dry cleaner, Takigawa is a tiny oasis occupying just 20 sq meters of space. It sits at the corner of a quiet intersection and is sandwiched between a parking lot and an old factory. Stepping inside is like being transported to another dimension that no one knows about.

Architect Koichi Futatsumata (previously) created a ginkgo wood counter whose curvature is parallel to the facade, and mimics the shape of the small intersection, in order get the most out of the small space. A bathroom set to the side and a kitchen behind the sushi chef are all concealed. The tapered ceiling spreads from the kitchen towards the guests radially, creating a feeling of centrality.

Takigawa is a 5-min walk from Yakuin Odori Station (the exact location is here). It’s recommended you call ahead to make reservations. And if you do plan on going, put your camera away before you enter. Photography is discouraged inside.

many of the cooking utilities are hidden beneath the curved counter
the former dry cleaning shop that occupied the site


  1. heyy that’s a very good concept of sushi shop. it is very simple in the outside and elegant in the inside with those wood interior design. and i like the table shape, it is brilliant to fit more customer. this is great design.

  2. Very Understated Elegance. . . and the beauty of Ginkgo biloba wood grain and its pale yellow color. But, is the sushi excellent too?

  3. That gives me sauna vibes.

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