TeamLab’s immersive, digital wedding reception of flowers and butterflies | photo courtesy Chinzanso Hotel

Watch out florists. Flowers are an integral part of weddings and a huge business for florists. But now Japan’s acclaimed tech collective TeamLab wants to ‘disrupt,’ if you will, that industry by replacing real flowers with their immersive digital floral environments they’ve become known for.


photos from a press demonstration courtesy Fashionsnap

Earlier this week they announced a new collaboration with the Chinzanso Hotel in Tokyo. Beginning this month the hotel will start offering a wedding plan that comes with a fully-immersive digital installation produced by TeamLab.


As the title of the work “Camellia and Butterflies for Eternity” suggests, the installation includes an opening ceremony of hundreds of butterflies fluttering through the space to welcome the bride and groom. An illuminated walkway and an impressive display of blossoming flowers during the ring exchange are also part of the program, which promises an unforgettable wedding.

The introductory cost is 65,000 yen (about $575) for the installation, which is a lot cheaper than real flowers which, on average, people spend $1000 – $2000 on. However, TeamLab’s wedding plan does go up to 130,000 yen (about $1150) after June 30, 2016.