The 3 Million Yen MUJI Hut, Coming this Fall

A year and a half ago, MUJI revealed plans to begin selling huts: small, humble abodes that would allow users to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, anywhere they wanted. They commissioned 3 notable designers – Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and Konstantin Grcic – to create concept huts. But in the end, they decided to go with a design that borrows from each.

Simple but spacious, the MUJI Hut offers a 9.1 sq m (about 98 sq ft) living space and 3.1 sq m (about 33 sq ft) patio. The company says that’s “a space large enough for 3-4 people to relax in,” which seems a little tight to me but it could easily work for a couple.

But the materials and craftwork is where this utilitarian hut really shines. The exterior is all shou-sugi, burnt cedar wood which has been traditionally used in Japan for its durability and antiseptic properties. In fact, all the wood used to make the hut is sourced from Japan. The floor is reinforced concrete with a raft foundation to ensure that your small home won’t blow down or get soaked during storms.

For 3 million yen (about $27,000 USD), MUJI will construct this hut for you on any property you own. The price includes everything but work permits and other legal fees you may incur, depending on the location you choose. (However, they’re limiting it to only Japan)

MUJI will begin selling the huts this fall but in the meantime they’ll be offering several viewings. The first one is coming up on April 29 – May 7 where the MUJI Hut will be on display at the Shirahama School House in Chiba (registration required). Interested in tiny leaving but don’t have a location picked out? For a slightly larger sum of 3.5 million you can also get a Kengo Kuma-designed mobile home.


  1. Other than the trendy design focus, this project reminds me of house Daiwa House got started with their second offering to the market, a prefab study room for children that was only a bit smaller than this hut.

  2. Great! I wish to own such a room! Beautiful and comfortable

  3. I built something similar for under 2k slightly bigger 20k is a major pxxx take

  4. Yeah, that’s cute and all, but wildly, wildly overpriced. They must think that in addition to normal markup, people will also pay for a design pro to design their shack. Not worth that damn much money. Very cool though. Should be more like $5,000.

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