The Handbook of Japanese Beans

Did you know that Japan has almost 200 different varieties of beans? Food writer Kiyomi Hasegawa traversed all of Japan to bring you this wonderfully laid out typology of Japanese beans.

The book was designed by Azusa Kawaji, who helped organize and assemble the beans in a clear and intelligible way that emphasizes the round, cuteness of the beans but also where they’re grown, the origin of their names and how they’re eaten locally.

The book is in Japanese only but it’s full of everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese beans!


  1. Some of those photographs would make beautiful posters.

  2. Beans, beans the magical fruit…..

  3. Interesting! It’s a fresh one for me that Japanese have 200 varieties of beans. I think I have never spot more than 20 beans yet. This is 10 times vast collection. Great!

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