Japanese Condom Cookbook to Raise Awareness For Protected Sex

Japanese condom cookbook

tsukutte agetai condomu gohan (作ってあげたいコンドームごはん) which roughly translates as, “I want to cook condom food for you.”

In the past several years condom usage in Japan has continued to fall, resulting in a dramatic rise in cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, a 2008 global survey * put Japan in bottom 3rd for condom usage, despite estimates that the country produces between 20-30% of all condoms. So to help raise awareness for condoms in Japan, and close the gap between producer and user, Japanese authors Kyosuke Kagami and Opanpon have co-written a book that incorporates condoms into one of Japan’s most beloved customs: cooking.

Japanese condom cookbook

The new condom cookbook, which was just released today, is titled tsukutte agetai condomu gohan, which roughly translates as, “I want to cook condom food for you.” And to prove that this isn’t some elaborate prank, the authors have enlisted cuisine researcher Yuka Haruya to oversee production and ensure that all recipes are practical.

The condom is, of course, utilized as a cooking tool, not an ingredient. The authors came up with 11 different recipes that utilize the condom’s durability and flexibility to create dishes that range from condom cookies and condom curry pilaf to condom oshi-zushi, which is featured on the front cover. It’s available as an e-book for 250 yen.

Japanese condom cookbook

Japanese condom cookbook


(*I was unable to find the actual survey that the article referenced. But other data sources and news articles point to Japan as a poor user of condoms. If anyone can find any data on this please add it in the comments below.)


  1. The amazing thing about Japan is just how far out of the box their companies always think. This would probably not work in any other country in the world, but stick a cute girl and some yummy food onto something and instantly it’s sellable! It was my experience in Japan as well that guys would ask to have sex condomless. They were much more pushy than western guys I’ve had relations with.

  2. Thanks God, it’s already rise inside it!
    I have to try that ….I swear!

  3. OMG! Is that true!? Very nice for a sexy meal! 😉

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