In succession of my last post let’s consider what the new topography of art looks like when it jumps out of the museum and enters the street. Yoyoi Kusama is no longer alone on her obsession with dots. They are invading our environment from everywhere! Let’s play a game of I spy: I spy Yoyoi Kusama artwork on….

Coca cola bottles

Covering a building under construction

On the Louis Vuitton flagship, obviously…

In illustrative pages of Alice in Wonderland

On bras

In botanical gardens

Are there any Kusuma dots around your home? Keep an eye out, it may appear soon…

This invasion is quite fascinating, and makes me wonder why the patterns she creates are so powerful and if her art is diminished at all by this uncontrolled fever. Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • the power of her art lies in her pattern-making that is recognizable to anyone – a kind of graphic signature.
  • her work demonstrates that art does not have to be linked only to museum spaces, but can transcend to become a new way to comprehend our environment.
  • her universe is really cohesive because it is the extension of her deep inner world. Therefore the medium no longer remains important as almost anything becomes an extension of her artistic obsession.
  • despite the rule of rarity in art, her overproduction adds great value to her creation. Profusion comes from her work of repetition, acting as an art mantra, an exorcism motto. As this process is linked to her art conception, it is part of each final work of art keeping us following the litany of dots.

These are few reasons why I feel Kusuma’s art could invade our environment without relying on media or location. I’m excited to continue to see where Yoyoi Kusuma will take us.