Looking for an all-day excursion into one of the most scrumptious eats of Japan? Behold the recently unveiled Okonomiyaki Museum! Otafuku, manufacturer of the must-have sauce, commissioned architect Hiroshi Sambuichi to create a structure that embodied the roundness of the food while conveying an appreciation for nature and the natural ingredients. As you make your way to the top floor you get a historical tour of the food, an opportunity to browse the media library, and are even given the chance to tune into some tutorials on how to open your own okonomiyaki shop. This, of course, leads up to the climactic okonomiyaki feast on the top floor.

(Images courtesy of Otafuku)

The extended tours won’t be offered until the beginning of 2009 but there are some shorter tours that you can sign up for today!

About the architect:
Born in 1968, Hiroshi Sambuichi is well known for his ecologically conscious designs. He first gained recognition in 2003 for his Open House (a pottery studio for the 300-year old Miwa dynasty of potters), which was commended by the ar+d awards. One of his more recent works is the Inujima Art Project.

“Open House” photos by Daici Ano