Thoughts from Japan

I just returned from a 2-week stint in Japan and wanted to jot down these thoughts while they were still fresh in my head. To be followed later this week or next will be a much more interesting “Goodies from Japan” post.

Stepping into an electronics store in Japan used to be like stepping into the future. These were the products that would line shelves of Best Buy in 2-3 years. This is no longer the case. Not only does Japan sell the same crap you see anywhere else in the world, innovators like Apple and Dyson have reversed this trend. It makes me wonder what is the next industry to begin losing ground? Film? Anime?

I notice more and more foreigners each time I go back, but this time I noticed foreigners working jobs that traditionally were always reserved for Japanese, such as store clerks and waiters/waitresses. I had never seen that before.

Peace Sign
Undoubtedly, the most significant observation is that the ubiquitous symbol of photography, the peeesu, or peace sign, is on the brink of a coup. The usurper that is threatening to knock it off of its longstanding thrown is none other than the Schwarzenegger thumbs up. According to reliable sources, the new sign is spreading at an alarming rate throughout the photos of young schoolgirls.


  1. oh nooooo, not the peeeesu!

  2. I know… and I thought some things never change!

  3. Your reliable source is wrong! Long live the peesu!

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