Internet imagery collages by Kazuki Umezawa


It began as a hobby – one that many of us probably share – of saving graphics he found online onto his desktop. Realizing that he had amassed an overwhelming collection of data, 28-year old Japanese artist Kazuki Umezawa one day decided to begin turning his collection into art.

His work, which features beady anime eyes, figures and graphics that collide with his own paint, is now part of a large scale exhibition at the Mori Art Museum and a solo show at Diesel Denim Gallery.


He assembles his data in photoshop files, which can run anywhere from 3GB to 30GB. And the imagery he uses changes, along with the currents of time. For example, after 3.11 he began incorporating a lot of tsunami imagery because that was simply what he was coming across online. With appropriated online imagery and his own craftwork, Umezawa creates a world in which the data of physical reality and virtual reality clash together.



source: press release

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