tokujin-agravic-table (2)

It’s “the table of the universe,” states Tokujin Yoshioka, boldly. Indeed, it’s a brash claim that’s somehow excusable when made by one of Japan’s most sought-after designers. “Maybe I just find hidden beauty in things which others have not noticed before me,” says the industrial designer, who has a knack for turning unexpected materials into something minimally exquisite.

This year at Milano Salone, Yoshioka has unveiled “Agravic,” which refers to the theoretical condition of zero gravity. The Agravic table doesn’t exactly defy gravity but rather toys with gravity, poking fun at it in a cautionary, precarious way. A massive marble table (that probably weighs several tons) seemingly floats in midair. It’s made stable only by two triangular prisms that are pinpointing, with exact accuracy, the balancing points that keep the table “floating in the universe.”

tokujin-agravic-table (3)

tokujin-agravic-table (1)

tokujin-agravic-table (4)

Other than the prototype above, these are, of course, renderings. Below are some actual photos from people who visited the exhibition, which runs from April 8 – 11.