I just came back from the Tokyo Art Book Fair and saw a lot of pretty art books! The event took place (of course in Tokyo) from September 21 – 23 in collaboration with Kyoto University of Art and Design, Tohoku University of Art and Design Gaien Campus.

There were close to a thousand exhibitors: editors, artists, communication student, and publishers, all packed into Gaien Campus where you were invited to touch and feel spectacular  books designed with attention, imagination and humor!

Here are a few of my favorites among an incredible variety of amazing works:

The Art publisher SEIGENSHA and its amazing little books about Japanese traditional design:

The CREATIVE LANGUAGE. They make amazing art books like this one called “Often” from Aquvii:

Or these cute pixelated animals for children from Norio Nakamura:

Last but not least, I enjoyed meeting PROTOTYPE BOOK which edits some great cultural local magazines like this one of Osaka:

I wish I could show all of the projects. These are such a small part of the colorful, tactile experience. I was reminded how much skill and passion goes into art, photography and graphic art books.