If you’ve boarded the Tokyo Metro this month, there’s a good chance you walked into a train car that was…well, different. Perhaps you felt unobstructed, light and fluid as you passed with ease through the typical blockage. If you experienced any of those symptoms, it’s the work of a creative ad campaign for Borraginol Smooth, an over-the-counter laxative developed by Amato Pharmaceutical Products.


The ad campaign, which runs from October 18 – 29, 2023 on the Ginza Marunouchi Line of the Tokyo Metro, features train cars emptied of all other advertisements. Loosely translated, text on the floor reads “A new type of laxative. We also emptied this train car.”

Areas where advertisements typically are placed, such as above seats, on digital signage and the nakazuri hanging posters, are all strategically empty except for miniscule text like that which appears on the floor.

The ad campaign even pours out of the car and onto the station, with slightly less-subtle yet equally humorous copy that reads “It’s better not to be back up. Both at the station, and down there.”

It’s certainly an effective, eye-catching campaign that has us feeling lighter already.