Tsuchiya Kaban Creates Leather Randoseru For Dogs

Tsuchiya Kaban, the 58-year old Japanese leather bagmaker known for their highly-specific bags, has released their very first line-up of pet products. And their doggy randoseru is absolutely adorable. For those who aren’t familiar, randoseru are backpacks for kids. Typically made from high-quality leather, they are expensive but are made to last for the entirety of a child’s time in school. Tsuchiya Kaban’s new line of pet products are made with the same handmade quality and care that goes in to any of their bags.


The doggy randoseru, and all its moving parts, are designed specifically to fit snugly around the body of your canine so as to not hinder movement. But when you really want to unleash playtime, the randoseru unclips and connects to the leash, which can be worn around the shoulder by the owner.

The randoseru will be available for 49,500 yen (about $330 usd) and will go on sale November 1, 2023. At first it will only be available at the brand’s Shibuya store but will slowly get rolled out to additional locations as well.


  1. Exquisitely crafted piece of totally useless stuff. Just what the planet needs.

  2. I can’t wait to get one! My dog is big and strong so this will be no effort for her and we often go for quite long strenuous walks when I am training, so it would be good that she can carry her own treats, poo bags etc. I have enough in my backpack and I can access her needs easily.

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