Tomohisa Suzuki’s Shopkit Makes Hosting Pop-Up Shops Easy

All images ©Tatsuya Tabii courtesy COC Studio

Tomohisa Suzuki of design studio COC, based in Hiroshima, has recently completed SHOPKIT, a giant Lego like store that can be moved around the city, erectable and dismantlable within a snap. The structure uses simple materials and forms to create a lightweight and functional pop-up store that can be easily moved around, allowing merchants to spring into business anywhere they go.


This unique design was initially created as a temporary replacement for a building undergoing reconstruction, but COC repurposed it for use in various urban settings, particularly the parks surrounding the rivers of Hiroshima. The design revolves around movability, storability, and functionality. With a minimalist composition of wood, steel, and polycarbonate, it is bright and friendly, with a traditional noren curtain hanging at the entrance giving off Japanese vibes.

The mobile store is made by either one of two types of single doors or a double door. When closed, the store takes on the proportions of furniture and can be moved on casters.

The single door type is compact and contains all the necessary functions within a single box. The double door type combines two boxes and provides a more spacious interior with ample natural light and work counters on all sides. The counters are held in place with magnets for easy and quick assembly.

SHOPKIT is a fun and innovative creation that showcases the idea of adaptive design. It’s perfect for any city, offering an easy-to-move, easy-to-assemble store that promotes sustainable and versatile structures. (via Designboom)


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  1. Clever idea! Can definitely be useful for Omatsuri stalls this could probably be the next generation Omatsuri stall 🙂

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