It’s been a little over a year since TOTO launched their toilet motorcycle that traveled Japan entirely on shit biogas. Now Japan’s largest maker of toiletries is back with their antics. They’ve devised a toilet soccer goalie that can block shots hurled by some of the greatest soccer players in the world.

How exactly does it do this? Two high-speed cameras placed on the goal posts capture, analyze and predict the final destination of the ball in under 0.1 seconds. It then adjusts its position and a powerful spring thrusts a ball out of the toilet bowl, making contact with, and deflecting, the original soccer ball. The toilet can apparently process and react to balls shot at as fast as 160 km/hr (about 100 mph). Seriously. Watch the video:

Why exactly does it do this? Well, I’m not entirely sure. It’s partly to promote their athletic grants. It also demonstrate the technology and research that goes into developing their toilets. But beyond that…

2 high-speed 250 FPS cameras capture, analyze and predict the ball’s trajectory

a ball is inserted into a powerful spring system within the toilet bowl

The toilet, dubbed S.G.T.K (Super Great Toilet Keeper), is not invincible. In 2007 the Guardian compiled an unofficial list of thunderous shots. Coming in first was Sheffield Wednesday striker David Hirst, with a shot recorded at 114 mph. David Beckham came in second place with 97.9 mph.

S.G.T.K was developed with the help of Creative Director & Engineer Hiroki Nakamura, who also worked on TOTO’s toilet bike.

S.G.T.K will travel around to various soccer stadiums in Japan before being unleashed into the wild. For 600K yen (about $7,500) S.G.T.K will come to your soccer field where players will be able to take the challenge. No, you cannot use it as a portable restroom.

Source: @nakamurahiroki