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ToyToyota is a new brand launched by the world’s largest automaker with the hope of reinstalling a playful spirit in driving.  Their first of several projects is Backseat Driver, a newly launched (free) iPhone app that, in essence, puts the back-seat driver behind the wheel.

Linked by GPS, the app simulates a virtual driving experience that mimics the physical movement of the actual car. In other words, when you make a turn, so does the car on your screen. Geographic areas appear on your screen as you enter, as well as famous landmarks. You can even collect points along the way and use them to customize your car (rare landmarks are worth more points – so fun!). The app works all around the world and you even have the option of posting your route to twitter. I am definitely downloading this for little Huey for our next road trip!

on the road

the “garage” where you can customize your car

The project was created by PARTY and, as far as I’m aware, it’s their very first! If you haven’t heard of PARTY they demand a spot on your radar screen. Formed in late May of this year, the creative lab comprises Naoki Ito, Morihiro Harano, Qanta Shimizu, Hiroki Nakamura and Masashi Kawamura – a supergroup, if you will, of creative all-stars from  all corners of the industry including entertainment, product development, technology and advertisement. I’ve been wanting to write about them but have resisted the urge until I could get a sense of their work – and color me impressed. If you want to know more about the Tokyo and New-York based creative company that prefers not to be labeled an agency, check out these articles.

members of the newly formed PARTY

source: twitter