PARTY is giving the term “product placement” a whole new meaning

The boys at PARTY have done it again. The creative lab that just formed last year have been doing a number of music videos for the Japanese band androp, including a spectacle of a show that used 250 Canon SLRs. But their latest video is pretty great, and I like the track too. In what is perhaps the first direct tie-up between buyable products and music, PARTY is giving the term “product placement” a whole new meaning.

The video was inspired by the heavily dance-influenced track, but also by the lyrics, which sings about the different languages spoken around the world and how each language casts its own glow of hope upon mankind. The group decided to create a series of high-tech toys that move and dance in response to music – that universal language that every culture can relate to. Each toy is unique, signifying our diversity. All 10 toys will eventually be put up for sale through ebay but for now only the cute little rocker is available. It’s asking $5000, so that should be a clue as to how much the other toys are going to sell for. I would love to get that flying mirror ball!

source: @akiko_saito